An anchor. A map. A safe harbor.

Do you ever feel you are adrift?

At the mercy of the waves, being pushed around by the tides,

longing for an anchor,

a moment to catch your breath,

an opportunity to stop and rest a moment,

a chance to stay still long enough to get your bearings...

Perhaps you fear your navigational equipment is faulty,

and the maps you’ve been given make no sense.


Exhaustion and grief well within.

Fearing a flood you hastily stuff them back down,

no matter that you are surrounded by water,

you’ve been taught those tears must be held.


This is your invitation to take a pause.


To gather in a place to explore maps, reset your navigation and find your next step. A place where if tears come, they will be embraced.


A brave place where you can be seen, held and welcomed.


Myth is an old spiritual practice. It is meant to be told in a group, and is meant to be told in a sacred setting, and by this I mean where it can be felt wildly, where grief can be expressed, where our honest outrage can be expressed safely, where secret desires can be shouted, where the ancestors have been called in and get to be part of the dialogue and the healing, where people can be fully themselves. This is the real sacred space.


A story is a map, a storehouse, and it wants to share its old knowledges of how to not-walk-alone, how to dance in the middle of trouble, how to find true compassion, true bravery, true love—all the necessary ingredients of the true community that everyone longs for. Stories are the wild dingo we travel with to find the renewal of life. They are maps to the old knowledge called initiation.


It is the knowledge of trouble, and how to face it. It is the knowledge of the deep wisdom of feelings, both desire and grief. It is the blueprint for community that can handle people really being themselves fully.


This is your invitation to come and share in the adventure and trouble of an old story, an invitation to discover and share how that story is relevant to you and the troubles you currently face.

Bring your courage, bring your tears. Bring your laughter, a safe space is here, a brave place is here.