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LOVE What You Create

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of having coffee with my friend Sandie Walker in the final days of her preparation for her first exhibition ‘GIRL: An Effigy Not For Burning’. It was a breath of fresh air to hear her delight in her work. She told me how much she loved hearing her studio recording of her poetry. Later she shared how awesome each of the prints looked framed. Her excitement was palpable. This LOVE for what she has created was not arrogant. Rather delicious and delightful. Listening to her I realised what powerful medicine she carries around this. How many of us carry conditioning that we cannot proclaim our love for something we do? Something we have created? How often do we introduce our poetry or our art with some kind of explanation or disclaimer before sharing? How much does that stifle our own joy in what we create? Walking around Sandie's exhibition this is one ingredient of the magic she has woven. I fell in love with GIRL and the gorgeous soul who captured her so intimately, over and over again. If you can get to Fremantle this weekend I would highly recommend taking time to call in and say hello and visit with Sandie and her extraordinary photographs of GIRL. Even if you are unable to attend, it is worth visiting the event page to read her write-up about her journey with GIRL. The exhibition finishes 17 June 2018, for details go here:


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