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Navigation & Healing with Old Stories

with Giant Whisperer, Rowena Jones
Welcome, You Dusty, Footsore Misfit.
In these pages it is my prayer that you will find welcome, recognition, solace and sanctuary, and deep blessings. It is also my prayer that the ancestors and spirits will give you strength and discernment to walk well with the discomfort and difficulties that also lie ahead if you continue. For to truly receive a blessing we often must shed outdated protections we carry to see ourselves, the world around us, and our place in it in new ways.
Welcome, You Heart-Broken, Sensitive Soul.
Many of us are refugees of the Soul; we no longer live near the burial grounds of our ancestors, we may not even even know where they lie. With fractured lineages, the knowledge of the ancient rituals, practices and traditions of our ancestors have been stripped from us.

Generations of disconnect have left many people numb. When something happens to cut through this numbness we may begin to hear the whispers of our bones. Without the traditional training and support this whisper can awaken an ache and a longing for something we may not even have language to articulate.

Driven by this longing, the search begins.
Welcome, You Rattling Bag of Ancient Bones.
Unfortunately the common prescription of affirmations, positive thinking or manifesting will rarely fill this void.

Working with Myth and Fairytales, Ritual, Poetry, movement AND the mundane, I help people find their way back to feeling truly alive, with all the messiness, intensity, grief, mundaneness and joy being alive entails.

“The business of stories is not enchantment. The business of stories is not escape. The business of stories is waking up."

Martin Shaw ~ Snowy Tower:

Parzival and the Wet Black Branch of Language

What happens when we gather with intent to listen, share and create?
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