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To Live Alive, You'll Need to

Deal with Giants

And where there are giants even the most surefooted stumble at times.

You came to this earth carrying a wild genius or daimon, also known as a gift, a medicine that is needed in this world. This daimon is a kind of giant, and one we have not been supported and taught to carry in modernity.

If that's not enough of the many other giants you encounter in modernity many of them are hell bent on making sure you, and your daimon cannot bring your healing gifts the world.
Swings and transitions.

Whether we know it or not, we all came to this earth carrying a ticking timebomb inside us.
The world is full of giants. Some are helpful, some seem to want to squash you without a care.  Many demand attention and can have devastating effects on your time, energy and other resources.

Giant trouble is often creates a sense of overwhelm. Relaxing, putting things down, and even supposedly simple decisions can feel almost impossible. Bringing the unique gift-genius-medicine you carry to the world can seem like another impossible task, despite how much you want it. All of this can leave you feeling frustrated and disillusioned, even challenging your sense of worth or desire to be alive.
Learning to effectively recognize and deal with giants can make it possible to create a life with room for you and your medicine.
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What is a Giant?

A Giant is something bigger than you.

In the modern world we have been told giants are not real, that they are just a thing of children's stories. This enables giants to hide in plain view.
Giants come in many sizes and shapes and flavors. Some live within you, others live in the outside world, some come to visit. We certainly live in a time where the world is in the grip of many competing giant forces.
Some giants have the potential to take you leaps and bounds towards or away from the things that matter to you. Others eat everything in their path, leaving razed forests and shopping malls in their wake.
Chronic illness, mental health issues, major corporations and government departments.
So is the gift-genius-medicine you carry. This particular giant is a source of healing, and it's generous nature and desire to be given is a giant needing to be managed, because alone it has no knowledge or the real, practical needs of the human carrying it- yes you!

What is Stumbling with Giants?

Stumbling is combining practical steps with help from the other world through story, divination and ritual.

Each giant and situation is different
One of the first things I was taught in this work is that we need to do the work we can in this world to make things happen.
Next I was taught that for healing to happen in this world there needs to be help from the Other World, and for healing to occur in the Other World, there needs to be help from this world.
So working with Giants becomes a dance (or stumble) between the practical steps and ritual asks for help from the spirit world.
Some of the practical steps will be specific to the type of giants you are dealing with, and there are some broader concepts that are often helpful which include working with the grief, boundaries, language (are you unconsciously creating curses and spells), putting things down, routines (if the very idea of schedules and routines freaks you out I'm developing a system working with an idea of fluid balance)

Hi! I'm Rowena, barefoot poet, student of giants, ritualist, diviner and fierce protector of grief.

I believe the characters and stories I encountered as a small child living first in a home for "juvenile delinquents" my parents managed and then a remote aboriginal community laid the foundations for the working with  story, ritual and poetry. The kind of trouble I continaully

She is the mother of two wildlings and lives in Perth, Australia.

Rowena is a fierce and loving advocate for the intelligence of feelings and the necessity of grief and praise, which she balances with an understanding of the importance of the practical, and everyday world.


I've been called barefoot poet,


“The business of stories is not enchantment. The business of stories is not escape. The business of stories is waking up."

Martin Shaw ~ Snowy Tower:

Parzival and the Wet Black Branch of Language

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